Unravelling your
business finances

Are you struggling to understand your business accounts?

Do you spend hours working on your figures but feel like you are not making any progress?

Are you getting the most out of your financial accounting system?

Does your finance team deliver what you need and on time?

If you are considering changing your accounting package, or indeed if you are looking to install your first system, Solve can help. We have worked with many different businesses to find the right package for them.

We begin by listening to our clients to understand how the system needs to fit into their business. We gain an in-depth insight into their existing processes, along with existing software the system needs to integrate with. Only once we have a thorough understanding of a client’s requirements, will we recommend the right solution for them.

In some cases, the right solution may be their existing accounting system. We often find that businesses are not using their current system to its full potential. Once we are able to show them its full functionality and how they can use it more effectively, they realise they don’t need to invest in an alternative package, saving not only money but precious time.

Whether Solve recommends a new system or ‘unlocks’ your existing system, we will agree an implementation action plan with timescales that work for the business. We will then provide you with all the support and training you and your team require to get your accounting system working accurately and efficiently to its full potential for your business.

I was introduced to Jo when we were looking to upgrade our Sage package. She quickly grasped our requirements and it was clear she had an in-depth knowledge of the system. Jo managed the implementation of the upgrade over several months in a controlled and documented manner with minimal disruption to the business. Since then we have used Solve on several other occasions with work relating to the financial side of the business. Jo is very knowledgeable and quickly became an integral part of the team.

Nigel Russell, Managing Director, ABEL Power & Control Solutions Ltd

Sage Accounts

Sage has been a market leader for years and has some great features that even long-term users are not always aware of. Sage can handle information on your customers, suppliers, products and services as well as monitor departments and projects, reporting on financial performance and profitability. It can also be personalised to your individual reporting requirements by utilising some of the less well-known features.

If you are a Sage user and are becoming increasingly frustrated because it is not doing the things you need to do, then talk to us. We can help to reveal its full power, giving you the confidence and knowledge, you need to make it work for your business.

sage transparent


Xero’s online accounting software has been around for several years. It gives you the flexibility of accessing anytime anywhere and has lots of apps and add-ons that can be incorporated.

Assessing whether Xero is appropriate for your needs is essential. It is sold as an easy to use package, suitable for most businesses. However, Solve would always recommend thorough research into its suitability before using.

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Accounting Training

Whilst Solve is highly experienced in Sage and Xero, we are in no way tied to them. There are lots of other accounting systems on the market. We will always recommend the right solution for your business.

Financial information in and from any accounting system is only as good as the person using it. The old adage ‘rubbish in, rubbish out’ is true here, in that flawed or inaccurate data input results in nonsense output. User training is an absolute must if the system is to be used in a compliant way and give accurate information back to the business. Solve can provide you with all the support and training you require to tailor the software to suit the needs of you and your business.